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BDN was founded in 1991. The experience and knowledge acquired in these years, and the contributions of our technicians coming from the industrial sector, make BDN one of the few companies with such high levels of technical, theoretical, and practical expertise.

BDN has a team of technicians with ample experience in the food industry sector and are accustomed in working in industrial situations.

BDN has installations and machinery that will allow you to make tests at a reduced scale in its pilot plant.

BDN has an ample bibliographic base and access to multiple different databases for its consulting.

BDN offers an extensive range of services, which include:
         Timely or continued consulting
         Collaboration in situ or on-line.
         Renting of its pilot plant
         Tests and elaboration of samples
         Optimization of formulas and processes
         Re-valuing of sub-products
         Resolution of problems
         Search and selection of providers
         Continued training for your technical staff
         Technological monitoring

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C/ Pallars 141 5-A · 08018 Barcelona (Spain) · Telephone (+34) 93 300 34 18

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